Five Fancy Slip-On Sneakers

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I know it's been a while since I've posted some shit I've been shopping for but that's not because I haven't been shopping.  My latest obsession is slip on sneakers.  I've written before about flats and how they are here to stay not just for comfort but as statement-makers in their own right, and this new crop of slip on sneakers is no exception.  I'm also resentful and jealous (in the most loving way possible) that all my newly pregnant friends (seriously, what was HAPPENING back in Spring?!) have this footwear option, whereas 4 years ago when I first got pregnant, sneakers like this weren't a thing.  I would seriously wear any one of these pairs to go out, preg or not preg.  Stay tuned on the blog to see which ones I actually ended up ordering. 

Loeffler Randall "Irini" 

Sam Edelman "Becker"


Kate Spade "Delise"

Miu Miu 

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