73 Questions with Anna Wintour

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

You guys, I had to repost this, because my train of thought while watching this was as follows:
I respect those arms!  Tennis anyone?
I really need to start playing tennis.
I love that she’s all “fuck you fashion, I never wear all black.”
In fact, I can't bring myself to wear all black either. I feel hot and boring when I do it.
No handbag? What the? You sell them but don't wear them.  LIAR. 
India.  'nuff, said and having been there, don’t blame her.
I love that she takes type A to a new level - this bit** is so cray she had to plan every minute of this video.
Cooking with marijuana? For someone who doesn't drink, that's a walking contradiction.  The woman likes controversy.  And selling magazines.
Wait - do I have to stop drinking too if I want to get arms like that?

Balthazar, mmmmmm.

Enjoy! And share your train of thought with me too, I would love to hear!

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