Editorial: Lucky Magazine, December 2014

Thursday, January 15, 2015

I seriously wish I had more time for fashion magazines.  There is so much good shit out there, and so many of them now are publishing articles that actually make you think about things besides 4587 ways to please your man in bed or some shit.  I did manage to catch this editorial in December's issue of Lucky Magazine though, and immediately fell in love.  I never wear these colors, but this spread made me want to.  Something about the combination of pastels, with the edgy metallic eyeliner and accessories and DENIM and FUR and mixed metals and this model all made me drool.  I feel like it took some of my favorite things in a whole new direction that we've kind of not seen before - this is actually wearable high fashion.  If anyone spies that denim BCBG top please call me immediately because I will run to wherever it is and buy it.

Lucky Magazine, December 2014
Model: Jasmine Sanders
Stylist/Fashion Editor: Stella Greenspan

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