The Devil Wears Prada

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Can you believe this movie is 8 years old?  It feels like only yesterday I was all "go Andy go! You get that manuscript!"  Probably because it actually was the other day,  I watched it again like 2 weeks ago #sorrynotsorry.  And this time, it occurred to me that the fashion in this movie is amazing because Patricia Field managed to reference so many different fashion eras in one movie while making them all relevant for today.  There was some 60s Jackie O, some 80s power suit action, a little 70s glam with some fur, and even a 90s nod with the grungy newsboy hat (below) and some plaid thrown in here and there.  And best of all, these clothes all made us feel like we could do it ourselves - nothing was too threatening or over the top costumey.  It projected a more relatable NYC, rather than the fantasy world she dreamed up for Carrie and co. in Sex and the City. Love love love.    

See those sheer black tights Anne Hathaway is wearing? I think I wore those to every party I went to from 1991-1997.
That coat, though. YUM.  Eggplant.  So glam.

I would wear this now.  Like today. And for always.  That layered chain look will never get old, thank you Mr. T and Madonna.
Oh hello Jackie.  White gloves, emerald green and leopard trimmings need no explanation. 

More fur more drama.  Love this 80s peep toe with stockings. Overall this look is pretty busy and probably only works on camera but still striking.
All black errythang always works.  These scream a little 90s to me, in a good way.  I think its the accessories and hair.  

The Chanel boots? Uh huh, I am.
She made me want to wear a hat and I hate hats on me.  Also, way back when, I definitely tried this layered shirt look in real life, and got some weird but interested looks.  I'll take it.

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