L.A. Life: 2014 family photo shoot

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I was dreading our annual family photo shoot, namely because it's usually a shit show.  I was even more stressed about the whole thing because due to the big move, we clearly would not be able to use our longtime Tampa photographer who had been taking our pics since I first got pregs.  BUT I'm so excited to finally share a few of the shots that Two Fourteen Photography (a super fun husband and wife team who clearly love doing this) was able to capture.  Bonus - the whole thing was actually fun.  The kids behaved, posed their asses off, and we all really enjoyed the shoot.  It also only took an hour (and we got over 100 AMAZING photos) and thanks to a current LivingSocial/Groupon deal going on, was extremely affordable.  Any parents of young kids (I know, the struggle) will especially appreciate these points.

Admittedly, I was skeptical about the whole Groupon thing, but I took a chance because I liked our photographers' website.  How did we ever live without the internet?? You guys, I lucked out, big time. Please, by all means, if you live within the Los Angeles area and need photographers who really have a knack (and passion) for capturing families, then you definitely need to call up Two Fourteen Photography and book yourself a session.  Seriously- my usually shy almost 4 year old named one of her dolls after the photographer's wife and continues to ask me about "Miss Krizelle."  They are THAT good with kids.  We also bribed them with  promises of gum and candy.  It all worked out.  And now I have pictures of our first holiday season here in L.A., which are completely priceless to me, as my kids continue to grow up and say things like "MOM I need PWIVACY." Privacy?!?! You're babies!  Anyway, these pics are just us - nothing more or less, no frills, just dressed up a bit but otherwise being ourselves and I love them.

As for the details, we had the photo shoot at LACMA.  The girls were wearing dresses from Macys, and boots from Nordstrom (on my 2 year old) and Old Navy (on my 3 year old).  My outfit details, minus the pants, which are J Brand leather leggings, can be found in this post.  Hubby is wearing Old Navy Shirt, Zara Sweater, 7 for all mankind jeans, Louis Vuitton belt, and Gucci loafers.  All photos shot and edited by Two Fourteen Photography. 

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