Five Fancy Beaded Jackets

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Do you wear a lot of cardigans? If so, stop right now.  Move on from the cardigan and consider an embellished, beaded jacket of some sort.  Don't think they're versatile enough?  False - notice that each of the five below can be interchanged with any of the others and the outfit would still totally work.  Don't worry about having to put it away when Christmas is over, either, because you can still wear it to work over a crisp white button down, or out to a summer bithday dinner over a white mmi dress or t-shirt/cutoffs combo, or as a cover up to one of the many weddings you (probably) have to attend in 2015 - wait, is that just me?   

Anyway, I LOVE these five, but there are plenty out there since it's bling time in the U.S.A.  Happy shopping!

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