Red Culotte/L.A. Observations

Monday, September 22, 2014

Top: Zara,
Pants: ASOS, sold out (similar here)
Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff
Sunglasses: Prada
Bag: DVF

Finally, back to normal (whatever that means these days) around here.  We've had a bunch of houseguests come to visit pretty much every weekend in September, the last of whom departed today.  October should be fairly quiet and then we'll get another round of visitors closer to the holidays.  The weather is back to L.A. style perfect, for now anyway, and I'm wearing culottes AGAIN.  All is right with the world.

On another note, tomorrow makes three months since we moved to L.A.  I still don't feel like an official Angeleno yet, but here's a few things I've observed and come to accept about life in this city:

1) Everyone is just chillin'.  Like ALL THE TIME.  It's both maddening and calming.
2) Juice is not just a drink around here.  It's a culture. 
3) No one cares about your past.  It's all about who you say you are today, and who you say you want to be tomorrow.
4) Do not ever, under any circumstances, take Wilshire.  Take 6th or 3rd instead.
5) There is NOTHING that can deter these people from texting and driving.  
6) Everything is dog and/or kid friendly.  
7) Everyone has a different recommendation for "the best Korean BBQ in town."  Seriously, I've never gotten the same recommendation twice.
8) No one commits to anything.  Ever.  Except for those of us born and bred on the East Coast.  We find each other and we commit to dinner or drinks.  I vow never to lose my love of commitment no matter how long I live in L.A.

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