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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

You guys, I'm going to be honest - it has been way too hot to get dressed in anything that is even remotely photographable.  I've been bitching about it on my Instagram, but L.A. has been in the midst of a horrible heat wave, my a/c broke in the middle of it (fixed now) and in typical Angeleno fashion people are walking around here like "it's cool it'll pass" while I'm raging around like an east coast lunatic trapped in an oven.

All I can do is present you with a few post-fashion week inspired pins that I've been gazing at longingly, waiting for mother nature to get a grip so I can commence living my life and wearing real clothes and makeup again.  For photo credits peruse my Pinterest.
 No, I am not going to STFU about culottes, because just LOOK at how chic she looks in these suede ones.  Like a midi skirt but better because it's pants.

I need to add camel to my adventures in monochromatic dressing.  It actually never occurred to me to try it until I saw this picture, mostly because I'm brown and head-to-toe camel may be hard for me to pull off.  Stay tuned.

 Jordan Dunn's new hairstyle ALMOST makes me want to stop growing my hair out and chop it again - just one more time.  And I need to get my hands on a matte orangey-red lipstick, ASAP.
 Tom Ford.  Flared leg pants.  Tux.  Enough said.

 It is amazing how holding this bag as a clutch, as opposed to hanging the fringe part over the shoulder, makes it look totally different.  I'm all about options.  Gimme.
 What else do you need to convince you that you need a red jumpsuit in your wardrobe?

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