Just Add Stripes

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Jumpsuit: Maje (also worn here)
Crop top: H&M
Shoes: Aminah Abdul-Jillil
Bag: Gucci
Sunglasses: Prada

Sorry for my brief absence - sometimes keeping up with everything gets overwhelming and something has to give, or else my husband will Baker Act me and that will be the end of blog posts forever.  This time, I took a break from the blog and just stopped thinking about whether my outfit was photo-worthy for a few days.  It helped me remember that I didn't start this blog to only post photo-worthy outfits; I started it so that other people in my boat (crazy harried working moms/young professionals who want to do everything perfectly and kill themselves trying) can see how I pull it together day after day and face the world, hopefully without looking like shi* and actually looking kind of put together.  That, in essence, is The Fancy Routine - being fancy should be such a natural part of your day (your routine) that it requires no thought on those mornings where you just want to be like #girlbye to whatever thousand things you have to do that day, but don't have the option.  You  can and should STILL look good on those days.

p.s. I wore this outfit to the farmer's market on Sunday morning; originally I was going to just wear the romper but it looked too dressy so I put the striped top on to dress it down, because stripes dress everything down.  Even sequins.  Try it and see.

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