cover up

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vest: Rebecca Taylor (also worn here)
Dress: Tart, old
Swimsuit: H&M
Sunglasses: Stella McCartney
Sandals: Steve Madden, old 

I pulled out this super old maxi dress and wore it as a pool cover up.  This probably means that it's on its way to Goodwill, which is fine because it's seen better days.  You know it's time to let go of shit when you start trying to find ways to wear it to the pool and it's not really meant for that.  My husband does the same thing except his excuse for hoarding old clothes is that he might need it to "cut the grass one day" or "wash the car." 1) We don't own a lawnmower, 2) now that we're in a condo in L.A. we don't even have grass to cut, and 3) you cannot throw a stone without hitting a cheap car wash nowadays.  #hoarder.

Anyway, I wasn't sure if we'd end up somewhere else after the pool, so I grabbed the vest too because it made me feel more dressed, and there you have it guys - summer layers.  

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