Closet Casualty

Friday, May 10, 2013

I am a big fan of cleaning out my closet.  I try to do it at least once every six months.  My theory is that the fewer options I have, the easier it is to get dressed every day and still look fancy.  Over the years I've learned that too many available options leads to indecisiveness, which in turn leads to rushed choices (mostly because I spent way too long agonizing over what to wear and my hubby is impatiently giving me the stink-eye because we're late).  Rushed choices result in an outfit you are less than pleased with and therefore don't rock with Beyonce-like swagger.  My goal is to maintain a closet full of pieces that a) I love and b) that go with other things in my closet.  So when shopping and/or closet cleaning I always use the following rule: if you can't think of three full outfits you want to wear comprised of the item and things you already own, then don't buy it.  Get rid of it.  Otherwise, it will sit around in your closet and never get worn.  And you would be wasting money and valuable closet space (and who really wants to do that? not this girl).  Take, for example, this baby:

I know what you're thinking - why bother getting rid of a simple white jersey tee with a seemingly flattering neckline? It's jersey, it's white, it's comfortable, it will match things.  These are all reasons I've used to justify keeping this top that I bought at Whistles in London on a trip back in 2009. However, Fancies, this shirt does not inspire me and doesn't really fit with my lifestyle.  I haven't worn it in YEARS.  It's been sitting around so long that the silk woven neckline has become a different color from the body of the shirt, or maybe it was already that way??  Who the eff knows.

I finally had to ask myself, "where would I wear this?"  Not out and about with my family; white + fancy detailed silk neckline that is not machine-washable + small children = a hot ass mess.   Work? No, it's too casual, tight, and clingy due to the jersey material, to wear to work at my formal office job.   And definitely not out at night with my hubby and our friends - it's too sweet and polished and mature to wear with leather pants or distressed jeans or a mini skirt.  Put simply - I just can't think of three outfits I would wear with it.  Alas, goodbye, dressed-up-silk-neckline-white-stretchy-jersey tee (ew, that even sounds ugly).  On to the next one.

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