At Home with Kate Moss

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

You guys, there are some really good fashion videos out there right now, and the main reason I love them is because they take these iconic fashion people who always seem so holier than thou (see my repost of the Anna Wintour video), and make them real.  And the fact is, they are mostly normal and crazy, and talk shit just like the rest of us (those Fran Lebowitz videos on Vanity Fair's instagram just kill me).

Vogue's latest vid on Kate Moss is no exception.  They're sitting in her mansion house flipping through the December issue of Vogue talking about major photographers and industry people like it's a high school yearbook.  "Oh remember that time with Mario!?!"  Yes, that would be Testino.  Mario Testino.  And Kate looks at these pics of herself in couture like NBD, that's just what I do.  It's so cavalier and ridiculous and borderline silly and I love it - watch below:

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