Camel Statement Coat

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Coat: Three Floor (also worn here)
Sweater: H&M, old
Pants: BlankNYC
Boots: Betsey Johnson
Sunglasses: Prada
*Flash Tattoos available here

When you have an awesome coat on, everything else becomes pretty irrelevant (yes I think the one I'm wearing here is awesome.)  It's another important accessory that a lot of people overlook, especially those who live where it snows.  No one wants a beautiful coat to get jacked up by snow and sleet, but the reality is it's such a vital part of your wardrobe no matter where you live, you should really splurge on a good one.  It might take a little annual maintenance, but a high quality coat will shine up at the cleaners like it's new EVERY time.  Polyester pills, people, and if you buy a shitty coat once, you'll end up buying a new shitty coat every year.  Waste, waste, waste.  Now, I'm not saying to spend a month's paycheck on one if you live somewhere it stays above 70 almost all year long; but if you do happen to live up north or travel frequently to cold climates, then dammit just buy yourself a nice timeless coat (like one of the ones below).

Shop more coats:

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