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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tee: Banana Republic mens (borrowed from husband)
Skirt: Jean Paul Gaultier
Shoes: Tibi
Bag: Gucci

I envisioned this outfit in my head when I bought the skirt, but when I actually went to put it together I realized I didn't own a simple white tee that would be appropriate for dinner and not the gym.  So I made my husband give me one of his, which kind of worked after I forced it into this knot thing, but I didn't love the material or cut enough to outright steal his shit.  It was thick material, and had a higher neck than I wanted, which reconfirmed my opinion that this whole "boyfriend" or "borrowed from the boys" look works only when the actual clothes are made for a woman. Unless you're a supermodel or have that kind of body type, true menswear is really unforgiving in terms of cut, fabric and proportion  - no stretch, longer silhouettes, wider shoulders, wider waist and skinnier hip & leg measurements.  That works for pretty much no woman, when you think about it.  I mean, I don't want to look like I literally had to borrow some dude's clothes (walk of shame anyone?). So, after this I went to the women's department of one my favorite stores (rhymes with fordstrom) and stocked up on thin, lower necked (love a good collarbone moment) slightly stretchy loose tees that are much more tailored (pun intended) to what I need.                   

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