Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Top: Zara
Jeans: Current Elliott "Stiletto"
Shoes: Alejandro Ingelmo
Sunglasses: Prada
Bag: Vintage Louis Vuitton "Monceau" 
Ear Jackets: Nasty Gal

You guys, I put this outfit on and just felt so good in it.  Everything about it is what I love about casual day-to-day dressing: basics with a twist, high-quality simple pieces, shit you'll wear 24/7 and look put together and expensive every time, yet still be comfortable (ever tried on a pair of C/E jeans? then you know what I mean).  And, honestly, I almost cried when I saw these shoes at Nordstrom Rack for 75% off.  Alejandro Ingelmo shoes are usually sexy, high, uncomfortable and expensive.  But these are FLATS! And still sexy! The shoe-angels smiled on me, I foolishly thought.  

So, I laced up my sassy spunky Ingelmo flats and went onward with my day.  Until, around 2pm, I realized that those shoe-angels were devils in disguise, and I had been tricked.  I wanted to throw these shoes in the garbage (ok maybe not really, but I came close) because they pinched my feet and hurt so bad.  It was like blister city all over the backs of my heels.  They are so STIFF.  And here I had bought them because they are flats, and flats are supposed to be comfortable.  Anyway, I remain hopeful, because they are 100% leather inside and out, which means they will stretch and conform as I wear them more and more.  And they really are so gorgeous and unique.  I feel like breaking shoes in is like losing your virginity.  The first few times you're like "god this sucks," and then once you get them broken in it's more like "how did I live without you?"   

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