Five Fancy Backpacks

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Guys, I shop a lot.  Whether I buy or not is a different story, but I spend more time stalking the internet for things than pretty much everyone else I know. I have lists and spreadsheets and more lists keeping track of what I find and what I need (that's the "Routine" part of this blog, FYI).  So I decided to start sharing my shopping finds with those of you who may not waste spend as much time as I do online window shopping, but still want to know what everyone's favorite online vendors are peddling lately.

First up - the backpack.  Once or twice a year I take my stash of saved pennies from my "bag fund" (what? you don't have one? you should!) and splurge on a purse.  You'll see me carrying the same ones over and over because I am in love with my bags and put a lot of thought (and money) into each one.  

Anyway, when the whole backpack thing re-emerged I was like NO.  But, I've changed my tune guys.  This Fall I think it's going to be a backpack, for three reasons: 1) I need more hands free options because I have two squirming children who will throw themselves on the floor in a tantrum at any given moment; 2) Backpacks have really come a long way and most designers are making them so that they can be carried in other ways too, once this trend inevitably dies again; and 3) They instantly make your outfit WAY more downtown (as opposed to a structured bag which immediately classes you up).  These five I've listed are my faves - cool as shi*, yet still wearable at work, the zoo, brunch, the mall, etc. 


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