Steal it: Orange Peplum

Monday, June 17, 2013

Deciding whether to splurge or steal comes down to a few factors for me:
1) Quality.  Is the splurge worth the difference in quality?
2) Trendiness.  Is the item a super trendy piece that I probably won't wear for years to come? 
3) Versatility.  Does it go with many things I own and can I wear it during multiple seasons? 

This beautiful orange top is going to be a Steal.  Both tops are a Polyester/Elastane blend, almost the exact same material.  ALWAYS look at materials and where something is made.  You'd be surprised how many designer items are mass-produced in China and contain the same fabrics as their less expensive versions.  Both of these tops are also pretty trendy - peplum is very in right now, but may not be in a year or two.  Especially the way these two are cut - they are very non-traditional peplum tops.  And as far as versatility goes, I have the ASOS version in black, and it is a thick material that is not really appropriate for summer unless you are in a frigidly air-conditioned room.  The color is a great all-season color, but the long fitted sleeves and thick material take it out of the running for year-round wear.  Overall, I say this is a must-Steal! 

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