Why I bought it: The White Shoe

Friday, May 31, 2013

White shoes are everywhere right now.  I have been on a quest for white shoes, and that quest finally ended yesterday with these:

When I say I've been HUNTING for the perfect pair of white shoes I mean, I could probably get a job with the CIA now by using the stalker skills I employed in my online and in-store searching.  The decision took weeks. Open toe? Closed toe? High heel? Low heel? Investment piece? Wallet friendly? All I know is that I have not owned a pair of white shoes since I was about 8, and the image of my white patent mary janes with black skid marks on them makes me cringe to this day.  I searched for a pair that is modern, slightly edgy but still wearable with pencil skirts and more office-appropriate attire.  Enter the Zara Wedge heel court shoe (above).  So why did I buy them?  Here's why (in order of importance to me):
1. Style.    White shoes can have a way of looking really precious and/or bridal.  But, the main reason I'm into them right now is because they act as a neutral while still catching your eye  - see here, here, and here.  These white wedges have a simple sleek shape that isn't too fussy.  They are modern, and show enough skin so that my feet don't look like I'm wearing clunky blocks of ricotta cheese.  I decided to go with the closed toe because I wanted to be able to wear them in cooler weather with tights, as well as to the office.   Stay tuned as I attempt to integrate them into these two scenarios. 

2. Comfort.  In my thirty years of life, one thing I have finally learned is that painful shoes are just not worth it. If I try a pair of shoes on and feel like I'm going to pitch forward on my face, break my ankle, or like I'm practicing the art of Chinese foot binding,  the shoes just do not come home with me.  In years past, I've purchased many a beautiful death-trap to wear on my feet.   What always ended up happening was that by the end of the night, my husband would be piggybacking me barefoot, ghetto style, back to the car.  My shoes still looked beautiful - just, in my hand instead of on my feet.  Thus, pointed-toe wedges have become a go-to style staple for me - comfort (from the wedge) and sex appeal (from the pointed toe).  A perfect combo.

3. Price.  I am no stranger to splurging on a pair of shoes.  However, splurging on a white pair of shoes, when I have no idea how much wear I'll really get out of them, didn't seem like a bright idea.  As much as I LOVED the Brian Atwood ones below, I just wasn't sure if I'd wear them enough to justify the $300 price tag.  So, I've decided to "try before I buy" a.k.a. get my toe wet in this trend before fully committing.  If in fact these white shoes become a closet staple, then I will consider investing in another luxury pair.  For now though, the $99 price tag on these 100% leather ones from Zara feel like a good place to start experimenting. 

4. My Rule of Three.  They passed.  I can already think of 5 or 6 outfits I can make with these using items already in my closet.

In case you're curious, these were the first, second, and third runners up: 

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