grungy lace

Monday, July 14, 2014

Top: H&M
Jeans: 7Fam (also worn here)
Mules: Aldo
Bag: Gucci

Guys, H&M is killing it right now, and they must know it, because is it just me or have their prices been steadily inclining over the past little while?  I feel like the clothes are growing up - maybe the clientele they started with is growing up too, and they are trying to keep their aging customers (ugh, yes that would be me).  Although, depending on the location you go to, it pretty much feels like they are catering to everyone and their mom (literally).  

Anyway, enough ruminating on H&M's business plan; this top was actually a steal at around $25, and the quality and detail are both pretty good.  I was heading out for drinks at Pearl's Liquor Bar, and decided to toughen up the top with some black and some ripped jeans given the Sunset Strip location.  Turns out Pearl's is just like my outfit - a mishmash of feminine, edgy, eclectic, and a little grungy.  I'll be back for sure.   

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